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Our Story

Giant bubbles bring so much joy and happiness to children and adults of all ages.  We are creators made by our creator to create.  Creating bubbles is one of the easiest ways to tap into your creative self and bring joy and entertainment to you and those around you.

The look and smile on a child’s face as they create their first Giant Bubble Up Fun Bubble is contagious and will bring that smile to all those watching. 

Our story began some years ago on a trip to SanDiago California where we stood in awe of the bubbles created by street performers.   We watched as they created giant bubbles 15 feet long and 4 feet around.  All it took were simple instruments and a small breeze to loft them high into the sky. 

People like us would stop in their tracks to watch them float by.  That’s when we knew there was something special about these giant bubbles and we set out to share that experience with as many people as possible.


We’ve spent a year of researching and tweaking our special Bubble Up Powder recipe for it to be consistent, safe, and the best at making giant bubbles.  Our proprietary blend of powder is 100% natural, biodegradable and made in the USA!

It is our sincere hope that you will be fully satisfied with our products, and you will be excited to share your Bubble Up Fun experiences with those you love and to introduce the world to us. 

In Gratitude,

​Kim and Jan Hoffmeyer
~ Owners of Bubble Up Fun ~

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